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50 O G A U G E R A I L R O A D I N G J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 6 Street Running in Bridgevue Article, Diagram, and Photos by Greg Annett Greg Annett recently finished an area that was a work in progress back at the time his layout was featured in Run 271, June/July 2014. Here's an update he provided of the town of Bridgevue that now occupies an area shown as unfinished in the previous article. Norm Charbonneau photographed Greg's layout the last time around, and this time Greg decided to try a bit of layout photography on his own.—Allan Since the initial publication of my layout over a year and a half ago, consid- erable time has been spent completing a good portion of the city of Bridgevue that was not ready for prime time when most of the layout was photographed for that article. Also, learning to use the new digital single-lens reflex camera I recently purchased has been a challenge in itself. So I thought it might be a good idea to try my hand at some model railroad photography; the results of which can be seen here. I have always been intrigued by the interplay of railroads that operate within cities and impressed by the level of coop- eration displayed on a daily basis between residents, industry, and the railroads. is was something I wanted to capture in this previously unfinished area of the layout because I had been inspired when my buddy Jeff Littleton showed me a railroad DVD titled Street Running (available from Pentrex). is video has great footage of a switching crew's attempt to maneuver in a big-town setting. e hazards faced by people and vehicles dodging an engine pulling or pushing railroad cars down a busy street were a great inspiration for me to model (Photo 1). First off, I knew I must have some embedded rails cutting through concrete streets in Bridgevue to create the right mood. I extended an existing siding into the scene and down a backstreet, as shown in the diagram. This extension allows for shipping in and out of two different industries, while people and street traffic share the same space. Vehicles are able to drive easily over the rails thanks to a drywall compound I applied, molded, and airbrushed. Scenic Express offers great weeds and grass tufts, and I took full advantage of these products in modeling a typical area showing neglect. Oh, you will see some garbage and packing mate- rial blowing around in these scenes, too (Photos 2 and 3). One industry in this residential street scene is Picklers Canning Co. from Altoona Model Works (Photo 4). I like the old plank-sided industry appearance it conveys. e factory next door is Keen's Mustard, which is really just a Woodland Scenics prebuilt Door Factory with some modifications to the exterior (Photo 5). I painted over a lot of the signage that orig- inally adorned the structure. 1

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