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85 O G A U G E R A I L R O A D I N G J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 6 Building a Layout: What's in a Backdrop In Run 267, December 2013, I covered making a Masonite backing panel for the train room and painting it blue to represent sky. en in subsequent issues, I added clouds, framework and table surfaces, along with some mountains and track. Since then I've been adding town buildings as well as train yard structures and trees. Now I have a pretty clear image of where things currently are, or will be, on my layout and what I might want to add to the painted backdrop behind the foreground to add to the illusion. It is quite possible to simply be satisfied to let the sky drop down all the way to the layout surface with nothing more than the trees and the buildings to break up the line at the base of the wall. But when you do that, you miss out on the chance to add amazing depth and scope to the scene, which is all-important when you model O gauge in any space, much less a limited space like what I have for my layout. If you add scene panels to the back wall of the layout, you are actually creating a comfortable place for the observer to be happy to look off the end of the layout and not be disturbed by the ugly reality of the "edge of the world," so to speak. Scene panels let your observer continue to be entertained by the illusion of the small world that has been created (Photo 1). ere are any number of manufacturers that produce scene panels, which is to say that the ones I'm showing you here are nothing more than what I've had experience with in the past. It certainly does not mean that they are the only ones nor even the ones I recommend over others. To get an idea of what a backdrop scene panel can do for a small area of the layout, look closely at Photos 2 and 3. Notice that the only difference between the two photos, with the excep- tion of some small differences in placement, is the addition of a 1

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