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92 O G A U G E R A I L R O A D I N G J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 6 Old Stuff and Garden Tools While sitting on our back patio with my wife yesterday morning, I listened and sipped on a cup of coffee as she vented about the condition of her trusty-rusty old garden tools that we accumulated from various sources, mostly relatives who had passed away over the past many years. Later, all that discussion about garden tools got me to thinking about all of my hobby tools and materials for constructing my stash of O gauge railcar kits after I re-retire. You see, my first retirement didn't last too long because I got "laid off" from it after only three months off the job. I retired at the traditional age, but within two months OGR Publisher Rich Melvin called with the startling news that our magazine just ran short of an editor and would I like the job. No way was this media maven going to turn down an opportunity like that! I also knew that upon taking on the OGR editor's desk, my modeling activities were probably over for the duration. Now nearly 10 years later, those 26 plastic kits from InterMountain and Red Caboose that I've mentioned in previous editions of "Helper Engine" are still sitting on the shelf in the closet along with a boxload of postwar Lionel locomotives and Madison cars long-awaiting restoration. Several attempted restarts on the project were always suspended for a variety of reasons, usually work-related. In a stream of random consciousness, it dawned on me that maybe it was time to revisit what I'm going to do in re-retirement. e immediate follow-on realization was that hey, I'm already there—I am retired and with the greatest retirement gig in existence. I don't have to be playing golf or riding around in tour buses to qualify as retired. For the past several years, I've been back to just reviewing new products and writing this column, which is in reality a neat hobby within itself. And in late September as I type this missive, the not-summer season here in central Texas is but a few weeks away. As a side note, CenTx has but two seasons: summer and not-summer with its not-hot temperatures and not-short darkness. Aha, longer nighttime means ample downtime hours to devote to building new car kits and rebuilding old postwar trains—oh what fun!

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