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The Lionel Vision Line 700E Hudson

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Lionel's Vision Line 700E Hudson Product Reviews Lionel Vision Line 700E Hudson could be called the perennial favorite of many O gauge railroaders, it would likely be the Hudson of New York Central fame. And the most legendary of the 1:48 scale models of the Hudson is the die-cast 700E from the Lionel Corporation of 1937. Lionel's prewar design engineers, toolmak- ers, and assemblers truly created a legend in its own time with the original 700E, which modeled the full size NYC Class J1e. As best I can tell from studying photos If any model of a steam locomotive of the 1937 model, the new Vision Line 700E from Lionel captures the aura and detail of the original. It ought to since, according to Lionel, much of the tooling for the original model was employed in the creation of the Vision Line edition. The two engines' external details are nearly identical, and even the 5344 cab number is the same. But underneath these castings, the two model locomotives are as different as an old vacuum tube AM radio and a contemporary PDA. It's the technology engineered into the Vision Line 700E that generates its enjoy- able audio-visual effects and especially its performance as a 3-rail O gauge locomo- nConstrhuect wion and Features This article appeared in Run 252, the October/November 2011 issue of O Gauge Railroading magazine. Review and Photos by George Brownin time with each steam exhaust chuff sound. Actually, steam exhaust bark is probably a more accurate term with sounds thtiave. This technology is in the form of the lowing the whistle triggers a realistically med flow of smoke from a port in the boiler that's located immediately under- eath the boiler: one for the exhaust stack and the other for the whistle, and they both function realistically. The stack puffs smoke t emulate a laboring real steam engine. BLegacy control system, Odyss y II speed ticontrol, and Legacy RailSounds. histle casting. Both smoke units generate low, medium, or high vol- I was more than just pleased that our umes of the white vapor, or my personal preference of none, all of which are selec- table through the CAB-2 or CAB-1 remote. Another operating feature is the bell on top of the boiler that swings convincingly slow and in time with the clangs from the evaluation sample was the prototypical black version rather than the gunmetal gray that Lionel also offers. At first sight and later under close scrutiny, the satin black finish on both the engine and tender was flawless as was the prewar New York Central lettering. The dull pewter-toned

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